New Mexico to Mexico (Spring Break!)

For Spring Break, we went to Mexico.

It surprised me, a bit, how few people we spoke to were actually going away for Spring Break unless they were international students. My flatmate had a home tennis game and then her wisdom teeth removed, and I almost felt bad that I wasn’t going to be at home to keep her company – not bad enough to not go, though!

Unfortunately Albuquerque Sunport (yes, the airport is called a Sunport) isn’t big enough to take you anywhere directly, but that meant we had six hours to wander around Phoenix in our layover and eat the best sandwich I’ve ever had, so I can’t really complain.

Puerto Vallarta itself – BEAUTIFUL. I loved the colourful buildings and how it looks a little run down but isn’t really, and the money side of me liked how a lovely meal and a glass of wine was just over $10. On the first night we went to a restaurant where they provided ‘chips and dip’ and brought a table over to create the guacamole right in front of our eyes. Needless to say we finished that off very quickly (and the fishbowl-sized margaritas)!

On our first night out, we met a woman at our hostel who quickly invited us to a party she and her girlfriend were having the following day, on a rooftop overlooking the sea. Who would say no to that! It was only when I looked at the facebook event later that I realised we’d actually been invited to her engagement party. It was the most surreal afternoon – our group made up about half of the people there, and we’d only met her the night before. We drank beer and went for a dip in the pool and wore glow in the dark wristbands and watched the most beautiful sunset over the sea. The best part of the night, though, was an impromptu speech from one of the other guests – a self-proclaimed traveller who had been divorced twice before her current marriage and was telling us to never give up and to do whatever we wanted, fuck what anyone else thought of it. I’m upset that I didn’t record her, because it was so inspirational it gave me shivers and I don’t remember it well enough to recreate it.

One of the bars – my favourite; we called it the Cow bar because we could never remember its name and it had a huge cow out the front – also had a swing that was positioned over the bar. Naturally, this made it my favourite place. Being able to go on a swing that high up with a view of the broadwalk, palm trees and the ocean…what could be better? This bar was also my favourite for another reason: the uniform of the barmen and women (also sold as merchandise) was a t-shirt and cap saying “FUCK DONALD TRUMP and his wall”. We went there a few times, to say the least.

I don’t think I can leave this post without mentioning Eric, our hostel owner. He was the most amazing person who took us out every night and knew all our names within the first two days. He made the holiday as amazing as it was. Eric, we love you.

Although we were upset to leave, I was looking forward to being in my comfortable bed again rather than a solid hostel bunk bed. And, luckily for us, the weather back in Albuquerque was exactly the same as in Mexico and allowed us to have two lovely days (and a BBQ) by the pool before we had to jump back into work again. 😎




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