An unusual weekend

I have to say, I don’t think I’m ever going to have a weekend again where I’m sunbathing in my bikini on the Friday at a pool party, and going skiing the next day. Albuquerque’s got some intense weather differences going on at the moment, and I definitely made the most of them last weekend!

It’s cold now, snowed last night kind of cold, but this time last week the weather was in the teens (celsius, no matter how long I’m here I will never understand farenheight) and heading up. Friday was scheduled to be a whopping 24 degrees – in February! I know! – and we made the most of it by spending the whole day at the pool. We got burnt, we played with a frisbee, we stuffed our faces with an amazing BBQ, and we had a great time in the pool – in February! I know I’m banging on about it but who wouldn’t! – and the hot tub. And then put photos of the day all over social media to make everyone back home jealous. (Sorry.)

Saturday morning, however, was a different story. No lazy lie-in now; we were up at 5.30am for a three hour bus journey up to a small ski resort called Sipapu, which must be about the only place in New Mexico that still has snow. I’d never been skiing before, never thought I would like it much, but I couldn’t pass up on a day trip to do something I’d never done before. Luckily, I wasn’t the only one in our group who’d never been skiing before. Unfortunately, the ski slopes in Sipapu weren’t particularly accommodating for such beginners, with the difficulty level going from a slope that was almost flat to one that was incredibly steep: at one point, wanting to go on the chair lift at least once, my friend and I thought we would have to ride the lift up and then take it back down again, because we’d never get the hang of it! I spent the majority of the first couple of hours on my arse and laughing at my friend also on her arse, but after lunch we decided to bite the bullet and do one of the green slopes. And  from then, no one could stop us! (Apart from sudden corners. Or coming across a snowboarder. Or laughing so hard we fell over. Or- I think you get the gist.)

As much as my knees are hurting now – who would’ve thought I had muscles there? – I’ve had the most insane weekend, and actually tanned more when skiing than sunbathing! Typical. Let’s just hope the sun comes back to Albuquerque soon, and in the meantime I’ll finally get round to watching Breaking Bad.

(If anyone wants to know what I did on Sunday? I spent the whole day doing my homework for the week. It may not look like I’m doing any work, but I just prefer to make people jealous by talking about the cool stuff I’m doing rather than my homework!)


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